In a digital world where good content and great results are in high demand, just how do you double up on your hard work and research?  Luckily, it’s easier than you think and requires no extra work or time. Integrate SEO into your inbound marketing, to improve the reach of your content.

Incorporate your SEO into your inbound marketing. Two birds with one stone! SEO plays an important role in directing free traffic to your website. By combining your SEO with your inbound marketing strategy, your content will rank higher, as you appear in more searches. Here’s how to get the most effective results for your content. 

Disclaimer: No birds were harmed in the making of this…


1. Prioritize Headings

Your heading should contain keywords, but keep the heading easy to read, understand, and attention-grabbing. This means in some cases you’ll be structuring your copy around your heading and your keyword. Do your research and find a keyword that you can incorporate in your heading and throughout your piece of content, in a natural way. 

2. Post Often

Cross-pollination isn’t just about saving time, but it really packs a punch. Add your latest blog post into your newsletter, and promote your newsletter on your social media.

3. Increase Social Media Followers

This lets you connect and form a relationship with people who are actually looking for your product/service. They’re here, interested and want to know how you can help them.

4. Share Links

Share your links on social media. Your content gets traced back to the original source, helping to create a strong ranking. 

5. Optimize things, locally

Simply put, engage. Engage with your local community

Consequently, SEO is much more than dropping a few keywords here and there. Search engines have created and developed algorithms that focus on the quality of your content, along with user intent. Incorporate your SEO into your inbound marketing, and you’re on your way to get noticed! 

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