Where would we be without any guidelines, especially when it comes to ever-evolving social media… Whether you’re posting for a business, brand, or personal account, you want your content to be seen by as many eyes as possible. 

Some posts perform better than others, and while the actual content may play a big role, so can the timing of your post.

With a great post comes great responsibility…and research. 

The majority of people work during the day, making it rather difficult for them to be scrolling through social media, which means they may not see that post you published at 9 am on Monday while they were in a meeting. Take into consideration working hours, traffic, dinner time, family time, etc. Aim to post at a time when you know your audience is most likely to be on their phones. This is also where your audience and niche segmentation comes into play. 

If our guidelines for social media: images, were of any assistance to you, you’ll really enjoy our guidelines for social media: timing cheatsheet below.  

Platform Time Day
Facebook 1 – 4 pm Thursday – Sunday
Instagram 11 am -1 pm

7 – 9 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Twitter 12 – 1 pm Monday – Friday
YouTube 12 – 4 pm

9 – 11 am

Thursday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday

LinkedIn 9 – 10 am

12 – 1 pm

Wednesday – Friday

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