Vineman Traditional Animation


From 2D animation and explainer videos, digital ads and 3D modeling to vector illustrations – I’ll make you content.

Below are videos I was involved with. If you’d like to know more about the video production process, check out my post about it HERE.

Explainer Videos

Discovery – Social Media Policies

Bester Feed & Grain – Explainer

Stellenbosch University – Postgrad Video

SuiteBox – Explainer

Action Market – Explainer

Fluent Forever – Explainer

Stora Enso – Explainer

Dreams – TedX Explainer

Dreams – Fund Launch

Infinity Rewards – Explainer

Dreams – Behavioural Science Explainer

BillMap – Explainer

Plutus Commerce – Explainer – Explainer Video

Commercials, Documentaries & Editing

The Federalist Society – Son of Liberty, Man of Law

The Federalist Society – LaDC

Vriesenhof – TVC

Day Zero – PSA

Business Partners Ltd – Property Finance

Dreams – Fortnite Savehack

Dreams – New Product Video

Miscellaneous 2D Work

The School of Life: The Problem with Being Too Logical in Love

Thrive Union: The Power of Absolute Responsibility

The School of Life: What Makes a Person Attractive?

The School of Life: The Capacity to Give Up on People

The School of Life: 5 Ways to Spot Emotional Immaturity

Dreams – Portionen under tian background

Dreams – Wheel of fortune background

Dreams – Milestone background

Dreams – Autopilot Savehack

Wellness Warehouse – Logo Reveal

Wolf & Halo Shorts

W&H Shorts: Gugulethu Drive

W&H Shorts: Parlez vous Croissant?

W&H Shorts: Handré Eating

W&H Shorts: Diving Board

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